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At War With Reason

‘This is the Folk Troubadour, playing the studio like a big instrument. A rhyme spitting malevolent guitar slinger for the mad max generation, as much influenced by Ginsberg, Gil Scott Heron and Steve Earle's curled lip snarl as Dylan."...Layered, textured but taut and funky with drive. Lights on or lights off, fans of Daniel Lanois, The Neville Brothers, RL Burnside, even The White Stripes will find a kindred spirit and rewarding listen.’
- Marc Higgins Northern Sky

‘This is a sometimes demanding, but ultimately rewarding, album that bears repeat plays. The fact that both Jon Wood and Cam Penner are able to conjure an array of many and varied, multi-layered sounds has seen them described as aural sorcerers. Long may they continue to cast their musical spells.’
- Americana UK

‘..nothing short of brilliant! At War With Reason is different, as is Cam Penner and the world is a whole lot better place for having both of them in it. Long live DIFFERENT!’
-Rocking Magpie

To Build a Fire

‘A Grizzly Bear of an album with a heart of an Ox.’
- Maverick Magazine

‘....a stunning album unlike anything else on the block.’
- Acoustic Magazine

‘Powerful images, possessed by a discordant beauty.’
- The Georgia Straight

‘This is an astonishing release from a true innovator. If anything defines the panoramic spectrum of great American music, this does!’
- R2 Magazine

‘...crackles with the intensity of creation as a need, art without artifice, and expression in its most purest, fiercest form.’
- Calgary Herald

‘Impassioned, thought provoking, and hard hitting.’
- No Depression

‘Penner's soulful voice carries the weight of a world at the edge of redemption and revival. With songs about love, exploration, and change, he has found a way to both calm and ignite the spirit simultaneously.’
- Vancouver Weekly

Sex & Politics

‘..takes the listener on a glorious sonic excursion that is at times a thing of beauty, at others downright scary, but always totally spellbinding. It’s all totally glorious, totally unique and maybe as fine as music’s likely to get in 2016.’
- Acoustic Magazine

‘...Sex & Politics is a rough hewn blast of folk, blues, Gospel and vintage rock’n’roll tempered with layers of electronic wizardry provided by sidekick Jon Wood.....there’s no sight of a cauldron but they have whisked up a potent brew.’
-Folk Radio UK

‘Stunning’ Four Stars
-Scottish Daily Express

Gypsy Summer

‘Penner's determination and trust in his art and vision prove utterly, undeniably well-founded on Gypsy Summer. It's an autumnal album, as honest and natural as the changing of the leaves, with Penner's gruff, sure vocals an oak cask where his experiences have aged to pour out that much smoother. It's undoubtedly his best effort to date, and certainly one of the best local albums of the year.’
- Mike Bell, Calgary Herald

‘His sound now has a lot of the sound of his compatriot Neil Young working alongside the harder edged material and he has increased the density of his music and the power but somehow he hasn't lost the delicacy and gentleness about his singing that has been so endearing for a few years now. I am hearing a man who is changing, keeping the essential qualities of his music but also finding new things to say and ways to say it.’
- Music-News.com

‘Cam Penner is the working man's musician. He's out there on the road, hoping beyond hope that his music, and all good music gets heard. His latest record, Gypsy Summer, finds Penner exploring new textures and bolder sounds, and even though his fractured rootsy persona still creeps into the mix, this isn't a depressing record. Gyspy Summer is full of hope. It's full of love. It's full of everything we should be looking for, not only musically, but in life.’
- Bryan Acker, Hero Hill

Live Reviews

‘There is an understated glory to their music: enthralling, haunting, comforting, arresting and altogether deliciously spellbinding.’
- Celtic Music Radio Live Review, Celtic Connections Festival Show, Glasgow, Jan 2016

‘...had the emotional heft and strength of ancient spirituals, Penner showing why some folk have described his music as shamanistic.’
- Paul Kerr/Maverick Magazine, Live Review, Jan 2016

‘Together they are unstoppable.’
- Americana UK

‘There’s mystery and menace, love and humility, savage blues and tender romances, sounds one can imagine primitive man heard, allied with tribal ritual and chain gang hollers, delta moans and sylvan murmurs. All summoned up by these two Canadians armed with two guitars, a drum kit and tape loops.’
- Blabbern'Smoke

‘...the show went on, fragments of abstract songs flowing into a place where folk meets electronica, or,if you like, a meeting of Woody Guthrie and Brian Eno.....to sum up tonight's performance: magical, charming, ethereal and unique but even those do not do it justice.’
- Fatea Magazine UK, Jan 2016

Trouble & Mercy

‘If music had a quota system, then the category of singer-songwriter would be closed due to overcrowding. Thankfully there isn't, because Cam Penner and his emotional songs of lives lived and experiences endured and enjoyed deserve to be heard in all their stoical splendour.’
- Irish Times

‘In a world of lonesome, troubled troubadours, Cam Penner should be king.’
- Americana UK

‘This really is a wonderful, evocative and passionate record. This record has caught me completely by surprise and has touched me in ways that music rarely does. This is 46 minutes of honesty and beauty that is quite simply wonderful.’
- The Music Critic UK